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No Stress Express review in Jamaica Star

March 21, 2008

The Jamaica Star has a great review of No Stress Express:

Jamaica Star

by Krista Henry
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Veteran singer Half Pint rides the reggae train in his latest CD No Stress Express. Half Pint is in true form, showcasing good lyrics, clean beats and smooth vocals.

A classic singer known for his huge hit Greetings, Half Pint continues reeling out the hits. As a veteran singer Half Pint sticks to what he knows best, the tried and true formula of classic reggae. On the 16-track album, Half Pint explores various subject matters from liking his best friend’s girl to being on the ‘no stress express.’ Half Pint’s lyrics are all clean and not overly sexual or violent like most songs of today.

The album has a relaxing, mellow feel throughout that washes over the listener. Inviting listeners to come onboard to a musical journey, the album begins with Unity as Half Pint and Jack Maness chants that “we’re all in it together”. My Best Friend’s Girl has an old-time rocksteady/ska feel that makes one want to get up and do a lively jive.

Just Be Good has received a lot of airplay as the sound of the saxophone adds a nice flavour to the song. Bad Boy, featuring Sizzla, adds a bit of dancehall/reggae flavour with Sizzla deejaying and singing along with Half Pint about the bad boys in the streets.

There are no stand out hit songs, but all the songs show the same quality of music and expertise. For youngsters who like a touch of old reggae, this album is also a good lesson in what classic reggae is like. For older fans, this album will take them down memory lane with a singer that has endured.

Pint also had another nice review from the West Indian Times:

West Indian Times

I have to be honest and begin this review by saying that I was not expecting to be too impressed with Half Pint’s latest album ‘No Stress Express.’ I believed that it could not be possible that Half Pint could still produce classics like ‘Winsome’ ‘Greetings’ and ‘One Big Family.’ However, I was in for a very, very nice surprise. From track 1 entitled ‘Unity’ I was transported to a secluded beach, it was just me and Half Pint’s music. The title says it all, if you have any stress in your life, pop in this CD and feel them wash away from you. The riddims are soothing but in the right way, not too mellow and nothing too jumpy. The previews that we have been playing ‘Mind Over Matter’ and ‘Unity’ on their own did not prepare me for deep feeling of peace that this album would invoke in me.

My favorite tracks include track #10 ‘Children Of His Majesty’ which has me feeling like I am in a loving 12 Tribes dance, it speaks of doing good and the blessings that are bestowed on the children of His Majesty. Track # 9 ‘Bless Us’ asks the Father to bestow on us blessings now and forever and has a deep soothing riddim. Track # 2 ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’ tells the tale of a man who is captivated with his best friend’s girl (who used to be his girl).

In this stressful world that we live in this album is a great album to play at home, at work or even while studying. However, I find that if you are one with nature taking a walk, strolling on the beach, sitting on your porch or even looking out of the window whilst listening to this album, you will be on the No Stress Express and feeling de-stressed in no time!

You can hear tracks from Half Pints new album online at: http://www.westindiantimes.net/vibes247.htm

Review by Lady Cham

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