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Half Pint: Past to Present

Label: Ryff Music

  1. Crazy Girl (feat. Maya Azucena)
  2. Substitute Lover (feat. Muneca & Razah)
  3. Back Home (feat. Onyan, Katalyss, and Sarai Fuentes)
  4. Level the Vibes (feat. Barrington & Dres from Black Sheep)
  5. Babylon Release the Chains (feat. Dollar Man)
  6. Freedom Fighters (feat. Chuck D)
  7. Political Fiction (feat. Adiodun Oyewole)
  8. Mr. Landlord (feat. Stimuli)
  9. Victory (feat. Zion I)
  10. One Big Family (feat. Pete Miser, Ro Dolla, and Coral)
  11. Winsome (feat. Dia)
  12. Pouchie Lou (feat. Imani Coppola)
  13. Just Be Good To Me (feat. Miki Howard)
  14. One Big Family Remix (feat. Pete Miser, Ro Dolla, and Coral)

Formats: Digital

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