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Half Pint: Closer to You

Label: Half Pint Music

  1. Closer to You
  2. Queen of Hearts
  3. Fever
  4. Make It Work
  5. Paulette and Sharon
  6. If You Want It
  7. Pass It On (feat. Long Beach Dub All-Stars)
  8. Love Zone
  9. Loving (1999)
  10. Wanted Man
  11. Good and Great
  12. One Day
  13. Doing It
  14. Malfunction

Formats: cassette, CD, Digital

Produced by: Half Pint, Loyal Haylett, Lance-O, Bobby Konders, Sugar Minott, Steve Digregorid, LBDAS, Phillip Smart, Steve Azor, Courtney Cole
Engineers: Peter Jorge, Steve Washington, Wizzoz

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