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Essential Roots Anthology cover thumbnail

Essential Roots Anthology
(2008, Essential Media Group)

GreetingsPouchie LouWinsomeDon't Close the DoorLovingOfficerGreat StoneShe's GoneVictoryGive Me Some LovingMary Long TongueIf I Had a HammerPick Your ChoiceCrazy GirlSallyMr. LandlordSubstitute LoverLevel the VibesPolitical FictionToo LateOne Big FamilyToo RudeLegal We LegalPass It OnCloser to YouFeverCost of LivingTell MeOne in a MillionUnityNever Let GoNo Stress Express

No Stress Express cover thumbnail

No Stress Express
(2008, Half Pint Music/Essential/Universal Music Group)

Unity (feat. Jack Maness of Sublime and Long Beach Dub All-Stars)My Best Friend's GirlJust Be GoodNever Let GoSuzieBlessing DarlingSweet ThingMadonnaBless UsChildren of His MajestyMind Over MatterNo Stress ExpressBad Boy (feat. Sizzla)A Girl Like You (feat. Toko Tasi and Long Beach Dub All-Stars)Babylon Release the Chain (feat. Dollarman)Just Be Good (feat. Miki Howard)

Past to Present cover thumbnail

Past to Present
(2006, Ryff Music)

Crazy Girl (feat. Maya Azucena)Substitute Lover (feat. Muneca & Razah)Back Home (feat. Onyan, Katalyss, and Sarai Fuentes)Level the Vibes (feat. Barrington & Dres from Black Sheep)Babylon Release the Chains (feat. Dollar Man)Freedom Fighters (feat. Chuck D)Political Fiction (feat. Adiodun Oyewole)Mr. Landlord (feat. Stimuli)Victory (feat. Zion I)One Big Family (feat. Pete Miser, Ro Dolla, and Coral)Winsome (feat. Dia)Pouchie Lou (feat. Imani Coppola)Just Be Good To Me (feat. Miki Howard)One Big Family Remix (feat. Pete Miser, Ro Dolla, and Coral)

Recollection cover thumbnail

(2000, Cornerstone-RAS/Skunk)

Tell MeHave a Little FaithWinsomeCost of LivingGreat StoneLevel the VibesLovingGreetingsToo LateWhen One GoneLegal We LegalHold On Dub

Closer to You cover thumbnail

Closer to You
(1999, Half Pint Music)

Closer to YouQueen of HeartsFeverMake It WorkPaulette and SharonIf You Want ItPass It On (feat. Long Beach Dub All-Stars)Love ZoneLoving (1999)Wanted ManGood and GreatOne DayDoing ItMalfunction

Legal We Legal cover thumbnail

Legal We Legal
(1998, Artists Only!)

Legal We LegalThe JokerLet We BeYou Can EnterMake HasteMalfunctionStraight from the HeartOne Big FamilyToo RudeLife Worth LivingReggae Rising

Half Pint cover thumbnail

Half Pint
(1997, VP)

GreetingsLevel the VibesCrazy GirlMr. LandlordGo Back HomePouchie LouWinsomeSallySubstitute LoverOne Big FamilyOne in a MillionVictoryToo LateRomeo & Juliet

Collection cover thumbnail

(1997, Tachyon (Japan))

GreetingsLevel the VibesToo LateOne Big FamilyWarn Them Marcus (feat. Big Youth)WinsomeCrazy GirlSallyVictoryRomeo & JulietGo Back HomeShe's GoneSubstitute LoverJah Love Ina Wi (feat. Tony Rebel and Garnett Silk)One in a Million

Classics In Dub cover thumbnail

Classics In Dub
(1995, Outa!/Hightone)

Classics cover thumbnail

(1994, Outa!/Hightone)

Hold OnDays I Can't ForgetFreedom FighterTell MeWinsomeHave a Little FaithOfficerCome to PassDon't Let It Fade AwaySallyDon't Try To Use MeCrazy Girl

Pick Your Choice cover thumbnail

Pick Your Choice
(1993, VP Records)

Give Me Some LovingMoney Man SkankPunchie LouMr. LandlordIf I Had a HammerMary Long TongueOne in a MillionOne Big GhettoYou Lick Me FirstWhat More Can I DoMilky HighwayCome On Let's Get It OnTell Me Little GirlPick Your Choice

One Big Family cover thumbnail

One Big Family
(1990, Power House)

Great StoneLong Lost LoverGet ReadyOne Big FamilyWarn Them Marcus (feat. Big Youth)Two to OneRoots LovingBrother & Sister Come CallingCome See About MeGuide Me

20 Super Hits cover thumbnail

20 Super Hits
(1990, Sonic Sounds)

GreetingsBrother LoveLiving is HardPolitical FictionDance Hall VibesLevel the VibesDon't Close the DoorLovingHold OnToo LateCost of LivingHeart BreakerNight Life LadyDealing With MeLook Before You LeapWinsomeGet ReadyGreat StoneOfficerOne Big Family

Victory cover thumbnail

(1988, RAS)

VictoryLevel the VibesCome AliveNight Life LadyShe's MineCost of LivingDesperate LoverWhen One GoneMamaShe's GoneI Don't Like It

Level the Vibes cover thumbnail

Level the Vibes
(1987, Taxi)

Desperate LoverMamaShe GoneI Don't LikeCost of LivingLevel the VibesWhen One GoneCome AliveNight Life Lady

Greetings (17 North Parade re-release) cover thumbnail

Greetings (17 North Parade re-release)
(1986, Power House (re-released on 17 North Parade))

Brother LoveGreetingsLiving is HardHeart BreakerLovingDon't Close the Door On MeSounds of RealityJah Don't Love ThatWarn Them MarcusGet ReadyLevel the VibesOne Big FamilyGreat StoneLong Lost LoverToo Late

Joint Favourites cover thumbnail

Joint Favourites
(1986, Greensleeves)

GreetingsCrazy GirlWhat's Going DownTell Me This, Tell Me ThatDay I Can't ForgetFreedom Fighter

Greetings cover thumbnail

(1986, Power House)

Brother LoveGreetingsLiving is HardHeart BreakerLovingDon't Close the Door On MeSounds of RealityJah Don't Love That

Great Hits of All Times cover thumbnail

Great Hits of All Times
(1985, Feel the Beat)

Sally2000 YearsTwo to OneCrazy GirlI RememberWhat's Going DownFreedom FighterCivilizationOfficerWinsomeDon't Let It Fade AwayUnruly Girl

One in a Million cover thumbnail

One in a Million
(1984, Greensleeves [74])

One in a MillionOne Big GhettoYou Lick Me FirstWhat More Can I Really DoMilky HighwayMr. LandlordRoots ManPick Your ChoicePuchie LueTell Me Little Girl

Money Man Skank cover thumbnail

Money Man Skank
(1984, Jammys)

Give Me Some LovingLoving DubMoney Man SkankMoney Man DubPuchie LueMiss Lue DubMr. LandlordLandlord DubIf I Had a HammerHammer Dub

In Fine Style cover thumbnail

In Fine Style
(1984, Sunset)

Look Before You WalkDon't Try To Use MeWinsomeHave a Little FaithPolitical FictionOfficerNo ComplainDance Hall Vibes

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